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Penny in a tire tread

Measure your tires' tread monthly using a penny. You can't see the top of Lincoln's head here, so this tire does not need replacement.

Are you due for a new set of tires?  The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration recommends checking your tires’ tread monthly using a penny.  If you put the penny in with Lincoln’s head pointing downward and you can see the top, you have less than 1/16″ left–and it’s time to replace your tires.

Tire Pressure Checking for Columbia Pontiac Owners

Another important part of your tires’ safety is your tire pressure.  The air pressure inside your tires can change with weather, driving, or bumping over objects.  Underinflated tires are particularly dangerous, as they increase the likelihood of blowouts that can cause you to lose control of your vehicle. (They’re also a significant drag on your vehicle’s fuel economy.)  Check your tire pressure each month with a reliable gauge, available at most any gas station, and compare it against the sticker placed in the driver’s door jamb.  The pressures on the sticker are “cold” pressures, or what your tire should be if you’ve driven less than a mile.  As your car’s tires get warmer, friction from the road will heat the air inside and cause the pressure inside to increase.

New Tires for Pontiac Cars available from Jim Hudson Buick/GMC/Cadillac

Jim Hudson is Columbia’s exclusive Pontiac Authorized Service Provider, with the expert tools and training to keep your Pontiac in top form for years to come.  We also carry a wide selection of tires, all tested and validated to the specifications of your car’s original tires.  If the specific tire that came with your car is no longer available, we also carry a great selection of tires to keep your Pontiac performing at the highest (and safest) levels.

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